Giza Project at Harvard University

Guided tours featuring artifacts, photographs, and research materials about the cemetery on the Giza Plateau

This exhibition is brought to you by the partnership of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities and the Giza Project at Harvard University.

Illustration of the Throne of Hetepheres

Go inside the Great Pyramid at Giza

For the first time ever, explore the full interior of the Great Pyramid

Go Inside the Pyramid

What are the Pyramids? And where is Giza?

Learn about Giza, Egypt, who built the Pyramids, and what they were used for.

What are the Pyramids? And Who Built Them?

What was Daily Life like in Ancient Egypt?

Frequently Asked Questions about Giza

Discover the Tomb of Queen Meresankh III

Explore this elaborately decorated ancient tomb of the Queen at Giza

Enter the Tomb

Who was Queen Meresankh III?

Learn about the life and tomb of one of Egypt's most important Queens.

The Life and Afterlife of an Ancient Egyptian Queen

Decolonizing Meresankh

Excavation and Artifacts Found in the Tomb

The Archaeology and Excavations at Giza

Learn about the Archaeologists at Harvard Camp and how we know what we know.

Take a Stroll through Harvard Camp

Journey of the Standing statue of Khui-en-khufu

Treasures of Harvard Camp

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